The Bemisa Group was founded in 2007 and currently has nine different mineral commodities projects distributed in seven Brazilian states.


Explore, develop and operate opportunities in the mineral sector.


To be a competitive company in the mineral sector, adding value to our shareholders and developing projects with excellence in a sustainable way.


The Bemisa Group includes multidisciplinary team with ample experience and proven success in the exploration, development, and operation of mineral assets.



We are a company for the exploration, development and operation of active assets in Brazil.

We started our activities in 2007, we are currently present in seven Brazilian states, with a portfolio of nine projects that encompass a wide range of minerals: iron ore, gold, nickel, phosphate and limestone.

We have projects in different stages of the mineral activity, from projects in the exploration phase to our iron ore operation, known as Mina Baratinha. Located in Vale do Aço, in Minas Gerais, the Baratinha Mine has a production capacity of around two million tons of iron ore per year.

We believe that there is no mining potential in Brazil and that we can generate socioeconomic development for the country and the regions where we operate.


Minas Gerais

Social Responsibility

Bemisa Group is committed to sustainable growth. In order to economically, environmentally and socially develop or improve the regions in which it operates, the group carries out social actions, according to each community’s own characteristics and needs. 

The Group maintains an open dialogue with the communities, identifying expectations, needs and challenges for each one and implementing environmental and social projects, based on the best practices and sustainability criteria, such as reducing water and energy consumption, noise, the emission of pollutants and adopting technologies that are less harmful to the environment.


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Rio de Janeiro Office:

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Privacy Policy


Our Compliance program is about integrity, which aims to reinforce our ethical conduct and build a relationship of respect, trust and transparency between Bemisa and its stakeholders.

In align with the company's Mission, Vision and Values, the Code of Ethics provides guidelines for our day-to-day work, and the Whistleblowing Channel (see on the side) allows the reporting of complaints about any possible violation of our Code of Ethics and/or applicable laws and regulations.

The complaints’ content must be as complete as possible and the correct use of this tool by everyone is key to its success. The information recorded here will be received by the Bemisa Group Compliance Committee, ensuring absolute confidenciality and the appropriate treatment for each reported situation.

Privacy Policy